PDF to Facebook - Post your PDF to Facebook in a few clicks

How to post a PDF to Facebook

That's easy with Pdf2Social. Log to Facebook, fill a form, wait for a few seconds and your PDF is published on your Facebook profile, just like a regular picture.

A regular PDF document

What you have: a regular PDF document

You have a PDF document. Maybe you first typed a Word document and exported it as a PDF file. Sure you can open it on your PC with a PDF reader, or mail it to a friend or colleague. But this is not what man would call "sharing".

What you want: your PDF on Facebook

You want to post your PDF document to Facebook. Sure you can do that with pictures in a few clicks, since this is a Facebook builtin feature. But nothing for PDF. Too bad... until you use Pdf2Social to publish you PDF on Facebook.

Just scroll down and click!

So you want to post your PDF to Facebook? First, connect to Facebook.

Learn how to post your PDF to Facebook

Not sure of what to do first? Watch this video. In two minutes, you will master the service like a pro!

Why Pdf2Social is the service you need to publish your PDF to Facebook

  • Your PDF is posted as regular images. All your friends can see them, no matter if they access Facebook with their PC or smartphone.
  • Each PDF page is converted to a picture. For example, a 3 pages PDF becomes 3 pictures embedded in a single Facebook album.
  • Your PDF published on Facebook in a few seconds.
  • The service is 100% online. No need for some specific software, no need to quit your browser.
  • Wanted to pay? Bad luck, that's a free service.